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Beamhouse and wet end updates from MK Quimica

Brazil based leather chemical specialist MK Quimica has launched a number of new products that aim to enhance lightfastness, provide softness and aid dyeing uniformity throughout the wet tannery processes.


Stronger currency hits Brazilian exporters

The recent recovery of the real, due to perceived improvements in political stability, is widening the gap further. Downstream, the real appreciation will reflect negatively on the leather exporters margins, as the international conditions leave little room for higher prices. However, the ample retreat of the raw hides prices witnessed in recent months should provide sufficient cushion for tanners to withstand the challenge. Currently, due to the holiday period in Europe, Chinese buyers are said to bolder in their downward bids, against a market that remains sluggish and not responding to seasonality with prices falling worldwide.

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The Sauer Report Daily Newsflash

ILM is now publishing exclusively for its subscribers newsflashes from TheSauerReport. These are articles written by Ron Sauer and provide a flavour of the more in depth raw materials and pricing information available on www.thesauerreport.com by country.