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Government close to shutting down Savar tanning complex

The Environment, Forest and Climate Change Ministry in Bangladesh has moved to implement a recommendation on shutting down the tannery complex in Savar. A parliamentary committee from the ministry on August 23 recommended shutting down the Savar Tannery Industrial Estate (STIE) at Hemayetpur because it does not have adequate facilities to treat the amount of solid and liquid waste generated by the tanners.


A week in Shanghai

What is the takeaway from a week in Shanghai? In simple terms, it is make relevant leathers and tell a good story. Be sure you have an honest sustainability story, that your processing is responsible, that your management of all wastes is comprehensive and honest and you treat your workforce fairly. If you miss these points, you are not at the party. Others will beat you, and some of those others will not be leather. 


Savar CETP still not fully operational

Built and controlled by China based, Jiangsu Lingzhi Environmental Protection, the Central Effluent Treatment Plant (CETP) installed in Savar’s Tannery Zone, Bangladesh, is reported to lack the necessary chemicals to treat tannery waste.