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Indian leather should have a bigger share

In 2015 the per capita GDP of China was US$7990 while that of India was only $1617. Quite frankly this is astonishing. Looking back at the China and India I visited first in the early 1980s India was far ahead, and the factories in China were truly reminders of a different, rather primitive, age. Trying to get sensible meetings with staff who worked in dreadful offices along the Bund was difficult and getting round Shanghai, which was just seething with bicycles and poverty, was extremely hard. 


Market bad practice – trade that stinks

Sounds tough. And tough it is. But before starting to write about this regretful part of our trade I must explicitly state that it does not relate to all of the trade, just a small part of it. The majority of the industry is ethical and admirable. I’m not referring to that.


Market volatility only favours a few

It's now just over a week since I returned from APLF, a week that included a nice Easter break, which included some decent weather and feels like Spring is upon us. It’s given me time to reflect on the recent APLF in Hong Kong from a safe distance, I think as a result I can take a more balanced view.