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Chrome tanning is in permanent decline

A few weeks ago, I ran a three-day course on branding in the leather industry at Northampton University. During the course, a couple of colleagues from some big brands, one leather goods and one footwear, were called in to talk to the students. In quite separate presentations on different days, both made the point that while they understood the science and technology that supports chromium as a first-rate tanning method they thought there was already too much momentum behind the chrome-free movement for it to be stopped. 


Leather is the best material for Kering and others to use

Sometimes to get matters into proper perspective you have to look at them from the other way round. Last week was typical. If I have understood all the messages flying around the press and Internet Kering produced quite an interesting report called the Kering Environmental Profit & Loss (E P&L). 


Workers protest to save tannery

According to local media reports, workers at a tannery have gone on strike over proposed closure of the plant. Meetings between representatives of the company and the workers have taken place while production at the plant is believed to have been suspended.