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Recognising leather scientists

Mike Redwood

Mike Redwood calls for the leather industry to once again celebrate its scientists, particularly those young leather scientists who are working on the research of the future. Read More...

Vegetable tannin for upholstery from Tanac

Brazil headquartered vegetable extract producer Tanac has introduced Weibull Auto CF, a vegetable extract made from renewable raw materials. This includes the application of an organic synthesis process avoiding any hazardous or restricted compounds.


Sustainable retans based on vegetable tannins

Italy headquartered Silvateam has developed a new line of retanning agents based on tannins, such as chestnut, quebracho, tara and gallnuts. They are water soluble, astringent polyphenolic biomolecules which are widely present in the plant kingdom and able to bind to the proteins of raw hides, turning them into durable, pleasant and supple leathers.