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Brands! holier than thou?

In ILM’s new column ‘Against the grain’, Sam Setter shares his views on the issues affecting the leather industry around the world. His most recent piece covers the relationship between the fashion industry and suppliers, as well as working conditions and industry standards.


The subject of manufactures

Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of the U.S. Treasury, produced his Report To Congress On The Subject Of Manufactures in 1791. A lot of politics was involved, and he ended his life being fatally injured duelling with swords. Many of his views fit (or are made to fit) with the recent more isolationist thinking that has stalled what appeared to be relentless progress towards globalisation and western style democracy. 


A unique code of conduct for the footwear industry

The Second International Footwear Forum (IFF), held on June 9 in New York, brought together footwear associations and federations from across the world to exchange views and propose ways to strengthen the footwear industry.