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Securing exotic leather through vertical integration

As animal rights activists praised the announcement of French luxury label, Chanel, that it is banning fur and exotic leathers from its collections, it is claimed a major reason behind the decision is related to a competitive weakness against its major rivals.


Tanners must know what they are using and all the implications

As we sign off 2017 and jump into 2018 it is appropriate to both reflect upon and to preview the past and current years. Amid a noisy backdrop of concern about raw material prices, market weakness, currency fluctuations and competitors that ignore the laws on nomenclature one theme stands out as being important in both years. 


ACLE underlines market weakness

The 20th edition of the All China Leather Exhibition drew to a close on September 1 and the three-day show reflects an underlying weakness in the Chinese and global market. 


Brazilian hide prices still showing weakness

The price of green hides continues to sink to new lows, by ceding another R$0.08/kg over the past week. This means an almost 18% slide since the peak recorded at the beginning of March, with the heightened international competition along the whole leather value-chain and the weakness of the internal market playing key roles. 

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