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Gucci and YSL deliver exceptional annual growth

In 2018, luxury fashion labels Gucci and Saint Laurent recorded a +36.9% and +18.7% increase in revenues, respectively, compared with the previous year, while revenues for Bottega Veneta were down -3.4% on a comparable basis, pending the inaugural collections from the new Creative Director.


YSL and Gucci boost Kering’s results

Good retail performance of Yes Saint Laurent and Gucci have contributed to Kering’s first-quarter revenue growth in 2016, while other brands of the luxury conglomerate have recorded contrasting performances in a uncertain environment.


Luxury brands in jurisdiction battle

A US$12 million payment claim from Kering’s luxury brands, which include Gucci, YSL and Bottega Venetta, over the sale of counterfeit goods has led to a jurisdiction battle between a U.S court and the Bank of China.