The chemistry of Tanfor T is based on aluminum silicates and short chain organic acids, and is 100% free of chrome, aldehyde (precursors) and organic solvents. Tanfor T offers easy applicability in production, flexibility in retanning, and is without concerns for human health and the environment. Due to high uptake, COD values of tanning float are very low.

Many features of Tanfor T have been recognised by tanners as very positive:

  • Following a beamhouse process and pickle closely resembling those used for wet-white and wet-blue, Tanfor T is easy to apply.
  • The Wet-Bright intermediate has storability properties equal to wet blue, is tight-grained and perfectly white.
  • With help of our indicator system, both lime split hides and full substance can be tanned in a reliable and reproducible way.
  • Retanning can be strongly reduced compared to classical wet white
  • Tanfor T has undergone independent testing on skin allergy; no evidence of skin sensitisation has been found.

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