Focused on the development of green and sustainable products Tanac, through its Forest Stewardship Council-certified forests and a positive carbon footprint for its manufacturing operations, provides a positive footprint for its entire operations.

During the ACLE, September 3-5, Tanac will be highlighting the following products:

Weibull Auto is a vegetable extract especially designed for automotive and furniture leathers, with outstanding heat and lightfastness properties. Additionally, Weibull Auto imparts to the leather excellent embossing retention, uniform dyeing dispersion, good filling and buffing properties.

Softannin is a bio-polymer with special properties improving the leather softness to provide high quality leathers. With a balanced formula, Softannin allows a significant reduction in fats and oils, reacting deeply in the fibres and assuring excellent fatliquor exhaustion and reduction in float COD levels.

Weibull Roy Special is a modified vegetable extract with fast and deep penetration, which imparts good lightfastness. It also provides a good yield, especially for sole and heavy leathers, and in the retanning of wet-blue, Weibull Roy Special results in a firm and thin grain, good filling properties, buffability and print retention.

Syntac CA is a combination of polymers and complex agents recommended to increase the yield and to complement the fixation of tannins. It is suitable for all types of sole leather and saddlery. It has been designed to allow rapid and complete absorption by the fibres, keeping a uniform colour and a good buffing properties.

For more information visit the Tanac stand at the show.

Hall E3, stand C13.