The PTA has condemned the attitude of the senior managers at the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB) for not taking action following the installation of a water pipeline in the area for the supply of water to the tannery cluster. Water is yet to be released in the pipeline even after its installation over a year ago, according to the association.

The pipeline has the capacity to provide five million gallons per day in the two-kilometer long pipeline from tannery zone to the Chamra roundabout.

However, Deputy Managing Director KWSB, Najam Alam Siddiqui said that it was agreed between the tanners and the water board that the water supply into the pipeline could not be achieved. He said that it was decided that reverse osmosis (RO) plants would be set up to meet the water needs of the tannery zone. But, due to the financial constraints the plan remained unsuccessful. Siddiqui said the project belongs to Sindh government.

Chairman PTA Fawad Jawed said that tannery zone in Korangi industrial area had not been receiving water from KWSB for over a decade. The only source of water is underground wells that are drying up fast.

“Korangi is the biggest national cluster of leather and contributes over 35% to total exports of national leather industry.”

Jawed appealed the Governor Sindh Dr Eshratul Ebad to intervene into the matter and get water released into the pipeline.

“The huge funds given to the KWSB by the Governor Sindh from his special funds for this project appears to have been wasted”, he said.