While commenting on the recent decision of the federal government for making exorbitant increase in power tariffs, PTA Central Chairman Agha Saiddain told Pakistan’s Business Recorder on August 7 that an unprecedented increase in power tariffs coupled with price hike of petroleum products would badly hit the entire industrial sector in the country and would cause irreparable loss to the export sector.

Agha Saiddain said that the increase in electrical tariffs is an average rise of 50% and industry cannot sustain the huge increase. He said “by this decision we have made all exportable items non competitive and the decision will bounce back with negative impact on our economy.”
He said the government should have taken into consideration the negative impacts of the decision on various sectors of our economy. Like many other countries the export sector should have been exempted from the recent increase, he maintained. The PTA Chairman urged the government to lower the electricity tariffs for export industry to save the country’s exporters.

Source: Business Recorder