The launch of Stahl Neo is a milestone for the leather industry and the first positive feedback received from some of the leading tanneries are exciting.

“We have been using Stahl chemicals for many decades. We can only work with chemical suppliers that share our beliefs with regard to sustainability. Stahl Neo is further proof that Stahl is leading in developments towards sustainability,” said Thomas Heinen, Managing Director of Germany based tanners, Leder Heinen, which has already made the transition to Stahl Neo.

“This helps us to meet the demands of our clients. Now, and in the future. Different NGOs have made an effort to aim for zero discharge. It is up to us to come as close to zero discharge as is technically possible. Stahl helps us to reach this goal and allows us to meet special requirements in small niches,” he added.

Aimed at helping tanners to produce the full range of leather articles in a qualitative, compliant and sustainable way, Stahl Neo products have been developed as a ‘future-proof’ leather finish portfolio to meet ZDHC goals that have been set for 2020.