The video, filmed at European tanneries where spokespersons of fashion brands Lloyd shoes and BREE Collection were interviewed, aims to counteract the negative publicity surrounding the leather industry. It seeks to promote the use of globally manufactured, sustainable leather, and encourages consumers to choose products made from certified, sustainably produced leather. The promotional video is supported by a factsheet ‘Facts about leather’ recently developed by Leather Naturally.

“As Leather Naturally’s spokesperson I receive a lot of questions about leather related to animal welfare, safety and sustainability. I also see a lot of fake facts about leather appear in the media. I see this video as an important step in informing the buying public about the beauty, versatility and sustainability of leather”, said Dr Mike Redwood, Visiting Professor at the University of Northampton and spokesperson for the Leather Naturally initiative.

“Consumers often do not know that nowadays the majority of tanneries are modern production facilities, where employees wear Personal Protective Equipment, and that chemicals are obtained from registered sources that are monitored and licensed by the authorities. Next to this, many tanneries have their own water purification system nowadays or use a shared system that treats the wastewater, and they either re-use it in their own production process or return completely clean water back to the natural water cycle. It is truly time for us as leather industry partners to join forces and get these facts out”, added the representatives from A+B Hides, Heller-Leder, Lederfabrik Josef Heinen and Wollsdorf. The video is also available in German as well as English.

To view the video, please click here.