Fibre2fashion hosts other online global trade fairs in the textile sector, which include Softtex, Garmenting Accessories Expo, Bodywear Expo.

Recent data suggests that the economies in the US and the European Union are on a path of economic recovery and the downturn and the resultant pessimism of the last five years is giving way to hope and optimism amongst the consumers of these regions. 

One of the first beneficiaries of the surge in global consumer economic activity can be the leather sector claim Fibre2Fashion. The global market for finished leather goods such as footwear, hand bags, belts, wallets, etc is expected to take off, following the resurgence in economic activity.  

F2F Skin Show 2014 offers an opportunity to worldwide leather manufacturers of finished products such as footwear, leather garments & accessories like wallets, belts, gloves, portfolios, hand bags, etc to showcase their goods to global buyers of these products. 

The targeted visitor base would be global fashion brands, importers, exporters, opinion makers, buying houses, agents, retailers, etc. 

F2F Skin Show 2014 will be launched in March 2014 and will be online for a period of two months. 

The beauty of an online trade fair lies in the fact that it is a fair without boundaries, operates 24-7 and exhibitors can showcase their products and also interact with global visitors to the online fair without moving out of the confines of their homes and offices. 

An online fair saves a lot of logistic expense involved in ferrying goods to the exhibition site and back and also saves the cost of travelling and other expenses for staff manning the booths. While a conventional trade fair has a limitation to the visitors who visit the fair, an online trade fair is accessible 24-7 to visitors from across the world.

Other similar events have been attempted in the leather industry before but have proven to be unsuccessful with little uptake or visitors.