The colour trends are divided into “Wearing” and “Living”, devoting a section to each within the publication. Wearing comprises inspirations and colour trends for garments, footwear and accessories. The Living section features all colours that will decorate the season’s interior designs.

In “Wearing” the trend is reflecting the style of the Seventies, Eighties and Punk using two-tone brushed off calfskin, smooth bovine leather, soft lambskins and nubuck. It includes very intense colours such as brown, olive, blue, orange, red and violet .

In “Living” it highligts a predominance of natural leather or wet-white bovine leathers with finished 3D textures. The light and pastel colours vary from rose, yellow, orange to turquoise tones.

In addition, TFL introduce the RODA cor HTP pigments, a range of fine dispersed anionic pigments in aqueous phase with a high transparency.

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