‘White’ has been chosen by TFL as the lead motto for the ACLE 2013. In the first place it stands for the further evolution of TFL’s wet-white tanning technology but also addresses the need that leather stays clean and beautiful even after extended time of wear with TFL‘s anti-soiling technology: White stays white!

The idea of WHITE solutions will be running like a common thread through TFL’s ACLE appearance as our main topics are:


In the mid 1990’s TFL was the first company introducing Wet-white technology (Sellatan CF new) in a larger scale to automotive leather manufacturing. Since then TFL is committed to develop alternatives to chrome tanning for all kind of leathers with the simple goal: creating a unique, natural material of high quality which after use can safely be disposed and recycled.

TFL Anti-soiling solutions: TFL provides an approach in anti-soiling and leather

care with a complete system solution. Only a system approach where the finishing topcoat of the leathers and the cleaning and care products harmonise, will guarantee highest performance over a long time. The base for the system are the RODA fix top coat products, the care products RODA tec and the cleaner RODA clean.

TFL Low Sulfide Technology:

For lack of workable alternatives the use of inorganic sulfides has been the preferred way of unhairing in leather making, for more than a century. The use of organic sulfides has been shown to be practicable, but has not really been accepted. Now, TFL introduce a new low sulfide technology. It comprises of a soaking agent, Pellvit LSS which offers good layout and high area yield, whilst the unique enzymatic unhairing auxiliary Erhvait LSU, builds up the perfect basis for your tanning process, with the lowest levels of sulfide needed.

To find out more about our WHITE solutions and other exciting products and ideas, we invite you to their booth B23 in exhibition hall E3 at the ACLE 2013 in Shanghai.

Also visit www.tfl.com.