Tannesco FC is a ready to use tanning compound based on special aluminium chemistry, which combines both tanning and basifying, in a single product. The product is free of aldehydes, chrome and phenols.

The performance characteristics of this mineral tanning agent make it highly suitable for a wide range of high quality, specialty articles, particularly in the shoe, bag and accessory segments. It can be used in both pretanning and retanning to obtain leathers with excellent tightness and a firm handle. Tannesco FC is compatible with many mineral and synthetic tanning agents and is especially useful for retanning in combination with vegetable tans.

When Tannesco FC is used to make nubuck and splits, these articles benefit from a short, two-way nap; and strong/brilliant shades can be achieved. Grain leathers benefit from an extremely tight and flat grain. In addition, as the light fastness and heat resistance of this alternative tanning agent are very good, it can be used in the preparation of snow white and non-yellowing articles.

For further information contact; Jan-Tiest Pelckmans.

Email: jan-tiest.pelckmans@tfl.com