TFL introduce its latest technologies, which enable tanners to produce high quality leather in an ecological, safe and sustainable way.

At the IILF fair in Chennai which takes place between February 1-3, 2015 the company will present its new TFL Low Sulfide Technology as well as its chromium-free TFL White Line Technology. These cornerstone technologies are a part of TFL’s low impact beamhouse and tanning initiatives, which are not only about substantial ecological benefits but also helps you to make high quality leather with the best cutting yield.

Furthermore, TFL draw your attention on the latest member of its Maxi Solutions family: Magnopal IPF. This innovative, polymeric filling product further underlines TFL’s continuous efforts to make the best out of the valuable hides and skins.

TFL will be located in hall 2, stand 2-11-E at the upcoming IILF 2015.