TFL introduce Magnopal IPF – a new filling solution to achieve magnificent results. Without changing the original tanning process it selectively fills voids in the looser areas of hides and skins. The leather will be light as a feather and maintain its natural character.

The idea of getting the best out of your raw hide will be the common thread running through TFL’s appearance at ACLE in Shanghai this year. Further themes are:

TFL White Line Technology: TFL as a pioneer in chrome-free tanning has further fine-tuned the well-known White Line Technology over the past years. It will showcase chrome-free tanning on all kinds of leather with a simple goal in mind: creating a unique, natural material of high quality which after use can safely be disposed of and recycled.

TFL Low Sulfide Technology: For lack of workable alternatives the use of inorganic sulfides has been the preferred way of unhairing in leather manufacturing for more than a century. Now TFL is introducing its Low Sulfide Technology. It comprises of the new innovative soaking agent, Pellvit LSS which offers good layout and the best in useable area, while the unique enzymatic unhairing auxiliary Erhavit LSU ensures safe unhairing at the lowest sulfide levels needed.

To find out more visit Hall E3, stand B23 at the ACLE.