The catalogue is divided in two different sections, ‘Wearing’ and ‘Living’.  Wearing comprises inspirations and colour trends for garments, footwear and accessories, while the Living section features all colours that will decorate the season’s interior designs.

In ‘Wearing’, futuristic and retro adaptations go hand-in-hand in ever more androgynous collections with a blend of extravagant colours and minimalistic lines. “Every imaginable trend finds a place in this refined, futuristic set accompanied by an infinite cascade of leathers”, says TFL. The colours show intense violet, green, brown and orange.

In ‘Living’, the blackest black or purposely powdery, milled nubuck is next winter’s leather of choice; featured in a wide range of interiors. “When tinged with eastern influence, it lights up with acrylic effects in silk satin ecru, giving stitching the sculptural look of a 1950s dress”. The colours range from intense orange, red and brown to pastel orange tones.

In addition, TFL is also introducing Invaderm DB, which it is said to remarkably improve the colour intensity of black splits, suede and nubuck articles.