Divided into two separate sections, ‘Wearing’ comprises inspirations and colour trends for garments, footwear and accessories, while the ‘Living’ section features all colours that will decorate the season’s interior designs.

For instance, in Wearing, large goatskins and Indian buffalo hides are offered in crocheted designs and padding techniques, with colourful liquid paraffin waxes for a multi-coloured mix and a subtle vintage appeal. As the seasons merge, they pave the way for leathers in vibrant colours, such as cadmium yellow, ocean turquoise, spring violet and Chinese-influenced lacquered red.

In the Living section, silhouettes have been designed on the South American bovine nappa and feature delightfully delavé finishes that are enhanced and complemented by wax and casein finishes with a gently worn look, rolled or padded to overlap for a wonderfully natural appearance. The colours show brilliant yellow and green as well as deep blue tones.

In addition, TFL introduces the Tannesco CPR Liq, a versatile tanning agent for white and brilliant leathers.

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