The 10th Freiberg Leather Days event will take place in Chemnitz, Germany from May 11-12, 2022. Michael Franken, Head of Finishing/Product Marketing, will discuss how much is possible in modern leather finishing. In the field of high-performance leather, where the use of polymeric chemistry is the key factor, the choice of products with a significant bio content has been far more limited in the past and it was almost impossible to make high-performance bio finishes, Franken will explain.

TFL believes that modern chemistry has changed this. New technologies make use of biomaterials without sacrificing performance. Franken will speak about new options in the manufacture of bio containing high-performance finishes and about how this bio content can be calculated to obtain reliable and meaningful facts about the bio content in leather finishes.

The presentation will be held during session 6 in the late morning of May 12, 2022.