In his presentation titled ‘The beauty, versatility and sustainability of leather’, Henriquez will give an update on Leather Naturally before exploring why brands and retailers should use leather and the benefits of the material, as well as the significance of internationally recognised manufacturing protocols and certifications which make the leather supply chain transparent and accountable. Henriquez will also touch on recyclability and repairability as well as unpicking confusion over labelling such as ‘leather’, ‘vegan leather’ and other marketing terms.

About Rodrigo Henriquez

Rodrigo Henriquez has been a Member of the Management Board of Leather Naturally since 2017.

He started his career in the Bayer Group, where he worked in various positions in Marketing and Sales in Chile, Spain and Germany. He has subsequently held different positions within the Lanxess Group across Marketing, Sales and Communications departments and has been responsible for Corporate Communications for the Leather Business Unit at Lanxess since 2015.

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To watch and listen to Rodrigo Henriquez and two other keynote presenters, including Dominik Kinschel, Product Manager for Standard 100 and Leather Standard at Oeko-Tex, and Nina Conrad, Co-founder and Sustainability Manager, Leit & Held, please click here and register (subject to approval) for the free-to-attend webinar.

Sponsored by Oeko-Tex, the webinar is open to any company or professional individual connected to the leather supply chain, from meat processors and raw materials traders to leather manufacturers, tier-1 suppliers and leather using brands, retailers and OEMs.