ILM’s sister website, the Sauer Report has just updated its comprehensive online in-depth report titled; Traceability in the Leather Supply Chain. The report features four new chapters on the following topics related to transparency and traceability:

  • Modern slavery – traceability
  • Beating counterfeiting with traceability
  • Chemical traceability (for compliance and transparency)
  • Tracing cut automotive leather parts

A comprehensive online report is now available to purchase covering twelve chapters over 60-pages featuring the most up-to-date information relating to traceability in the leather supply chain from the farm through to the finished leather product. The report is exclusively available on theSauerReport website covers the seven drivers of traceability which have been identified in this, and reports from other industries where the ability to track products transparently through the supply chain is required. The report looks at what traceability and tracking really means in a practical sense and explores the need for traceability in the first place.

The report authors have researched existing papers and publications and extracted the findings and best practice from other industries. For more information on the Traceability in the Leather Supply Chain report or to purchase a licence, please contact Maria Wallace by phone on +44 (0) 203 735 6537 or email: Alternatively, the report can be purchased online by clicking here.