In his presentation, “The circular economy – How the leather industry is rising to the challenge”, Costello will examine the benefits of circularity, giving examples of successful implementation already in existence, covering aspects such as wastewater and sludge treatments, chromium recovery and re-use of tannery shavings and fleshings, as well as how these waste treatments can be channelled into thermal energy generation. He will also touch on end-of-life considerations of leather, with design features that include compostable and bio-degradable parts, which can be reintroduced into the environment at the end of the life cycle of leather products.

Michael Costello

Michael Costello 

About the author

Michael Costello has been Stahl’s Director of Sustainability since October 2015. In his position, he plays a vital role in integrating sustainability into Stahl’s corporate strategy. He works closely with all departments within Stahl to ensure sustainable innovations and other related initiatives are on the daily agenda of his colleagues. Furthermore, as Stahl’s Director of Sustainability, Costello participates in conferences around the world focussed on reducing the environmental footprint of the industry and other corporate social responsibility topics. He presents the Company’s case to customers, brands, industry associations, NGO’s and universities and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Leather Working Group (LWG).

To listen to Michael Costello and two other keynote presenters, please click here and register (subject to approval) for the free-to-attend ILM ‘The circular economy in the leather industry” webinar.

Sponsored by Stahl and in association with theSauerReport, the webinar is open to any company or professional individual connected to the leather supply chain.