In this second phase of the season planning, all the participating companies are delivering their leathers to CTIC, according to the criteria of the fashion trends for the next Fall Winter 2025-26 season that were presented on April 10 by Collection Coordinator João Carvalho.

The companies deliver the leathers duly identified and with a technical sheet for easier identification and order placing through the PT Leather In Design Trend Book, in its physical or online version.

After receiving all the leathers from the participating companies, a new development phase will begin with the selection of the leathers by the trainers and trainees of the Portuguese Vocational Training Centre for the Footwear Industry (CFPIC) and the guest designers of the best leather that suits their prototypes or collection.

The invited designers are from various areas where leather is applied, such as footwear, leather goods, clothing, furniture and alternative applications.

Later on, APIC will provide further insight on the coming developments of the only leather trend book worldwide to present the full package of trends, finished leathers and leather articles prototypes.

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