Imagine retanning of the future. Low emissions, biobased ingredients with no bisphenol and formaldehyde. With the power of a traditional phenolic retanning agent and no compromise on the performance, fullness and softness of the leather. Dear tanner, that future is now with BioTan XP 01L.

Bisphenol free solution with retanning power. No filler.

BioTan XP 01L is the latest innovation of Smit wet-end and part of their recently launched Renewability range. An innovative phenolic retanning agent that is partly biobased and is created without the addition of formaldehyde. It’s not a blend and not a filler. It is your next step in meeting the demand for low emissions and to build further towards a sustainable way of leather making.

The main benefits of BioTan XP 01L: 

  • Free of bisphenol
  • Free of formaldehyde
  • Retanning power, no filler
  • Bio-based polymer produced by patented technology
  • Very low emission values.

BioTan XP 01L gives you sustainable future-proof retanning without compromises on leather perfomance. Like no other retanning agent does.

No detectable bisphenol values

Multiple independent test results confirm this: bisphenol-F and bisphenol-S values are always below detection limit in BioTan XP 01L. On leather, so on Zeo White or wet-blue retanned with BioTan XP 01L, analyses also show bisphenol values below detection limits on BPS, BPF, BPA, BPB.

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This article is an advertorial provided by Royal Smit & Zoon.