The theme for this year’s celebration is “Repair, Reuse, Repurpose”, emphasising the long-lasting, repairable and versatile qualities of leather that make it the ideal material for a circular society.⁠

World Leather Day co-organiser Leather Naturally said: “We believe that embracing these practices plays an important role in minimising our environmental footprint. Whether in fashion, furniture, car interiors or leather goods, leather stands as an enduring symbol of quality and circularity, embodying sustainability in various applications.”

Anyone can take part in World Leather Day by posting to their own social media accounts and using the key hashtags: #WorldLeatherDay, #WorldLeatherDay2024, #LeatherNaturally and #LeatherWorkingGroup.

They can also comment, like and reshare posts from the Leather Naturally Instagram and LinkedIn accounts.

World Leather Day was established by Leather Naturally and the Leather Working Group in order to bring the industry together to showcase the importance of leather across a wide range of industries.