In 2023, the program reached 4,000 children in Karachi and Islamabad, Pakistan, alongside additional collaborations with school activity centres.

Led by Vohra, the program aims to educate children aged five to 12 in Pakistan about leather, promoting it as a material for the future. It includes workshops to teach leather skills to young students and present leatherwork as a viable career choice by getting kids excited to work with leather.

The goal is now to reach 100,000 children by December 2024. To achieve this, Vohra’s company Essential Element has met with education institutions, NGOs and now UNICEF. This will also help finance a “story book” which can be given for free to children at workshops.

The program has also attracted the attention of former Pakistan Tanners’ Association (PTA) President Mian Musaddiq of Siddiq Leather Works, who will potentially look to collaborate with Essential Element.

You can find out more about the program and the 2023 achievements by downloading the Leather for Kids PDF.