When re-reading my notes I can already hear certain TSR readers say that I am giving a too pessimistic view of the market. Let me assure you there is no benefit for me in doing so if it is not the case, nor does it give me any pleasure. But as a reporter one needs to remain objective and report the facts as they come to surface. If you read further on the TheSauerReport.com website, especially at the end where it concerns company results and retails sales, the slow down in China and the situation in Russia, I think it must become undeniably clear to everybody that the (leather/luxury) world is not like it was before the summer of 2014. 
This does not mean the business is bad, but in certain places it is just not as good as it was before. And products which entered the pipeline at a certain speed may have problems in getting out at the other end with the same speed.   
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