To understand why Zeology is perceived to be the new standard in tanning, we will discuss the ins and outs of the Zeolite-based tanning process briefly in this article. For a complete explanation, please check out the informative video on

Future-proof tanning with Zeolite
What makes Zeology both a responsible choice and an effective one when it comes to leather performance, is the main ingredient: Zeolite. Zeolite is made up of components which are abundantly present in the Earth’s crust. It is natural and renewable. Therefore, it is a sustainable alternative to existing tanning agents. Working with zeolite is another step towards a more sustainable leather value chain.
The Zeolite is modified with a patented treatment, so that it becomes suitable as a tanning agent. Thorough research and testing with partner tanneries ensure that the Zeolite does exactly what it needs to do: deliver superior leather performance results.
Thanks to the unique combination of superior leather performance AND sustainability benefits, Zeology is considered the new standard in tanning.

Plug & play
The introduction of a new tanning agent into your tanning processes is not always easy. However, with Zeology it is! The sustainable tanning concept was developed to be Plug & Play: you can easily integrate it into existing tanning processes. Without having to make major changes. Shift programs, for instance, remain similar and no additional processes are required.
Moreover, a dedicated Zeology leather technician will help tanneries with the onboarding, to ensure a smooth transition, while maximising tanning results. One of the things that requires close attention, is adjusting the pH level of the water float by adding the right combination and relative amounts of acid, to trigger the actual tanning.

Zeo White, the tanned intermediate
What makes the tanned intermediate, named Zeo White, so bright white and of high quality, is the fact that the zeolite disperses evenly and deeply into the collagen. During the actual tanning, the Zeolite forms a network which covers the collagen equally. This gives Zeo White its unique white color and superior leather performance. It is unsurpassed in characteristics such as grain tightness, physical leather properties, lightfastness and heat-resistance. In addition, its bright white colour enables white leather and lighter and brighter colours than ever before.
With Zeo White, tanneries can offer their customers a truly sustainable alternative which does not compromise on leather performance. With consumers increasingly demanding responsibly sourced raw materials, for their fashion, shoes and leather goods, cars and many more things, Zeo White offers brands the opportunity to answer consumer demand without giving in on aesthetics or functionality.

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