The machine can be set up for two types of production workflows and material handling: With the standard set-up, the entire working area is available for processing once the material is loaded/unloaded. In a tandem set-up on the other hand, the working area is split in two halves, making it possible to load/unload materials while the machine continues cutting. This configuartion provides the basis for non-stop production and delivers maximum throughput. A green LED strip lets the operator know at all times which area is safe for loading/unloading.

The leather is held down and processed on a highly stable aluminum cutting surface, which is divided into 56 individually controllable vacuum zones. Adjustable vacuum generators with a power of up to 12 kW create the necessary vacuum. The quality and design of the table plate guarantee optimal hold-down and reliably clean, precise cuts.

New features, such as the fully automated integrated tool calibration, complement the range of powerful tool options. With the oscillating tool and proper Zünd blade, leather materials can be cut at up to one metre per second! The punch module with two independent tools is capable of punching up to 8 holes per second even with thicker leather materials.

Initial reactions to the new machine make it clear that the Zünd L3 C-56 cutter is a highly competitive single-gantry entry into the leather market. Antonio Porta Canto, CEO, Unisa Europa, confirms that the machine is extremely fast and robust. With its superior precision, the new cutter has proven itself immediately by processing even highly complex patterns at exceptionally high speeds. Furthermore, because of the superior precision of the machine, time-consuming post-production finishing tasks have become a thing of the past.