United States

While some higher prices could here and there be booked for the most popular steer hides selections, many other tanners are not that hungry for hides and refuse to pay more. They can wait they say. Sellers are limited in their possibility to offer much anyway since the low kill extends their sold forward position. It will take more time before they shall be able to ship the hides they already sold. Other reasons like holidays in Europe and slow LC openings tend to delay shipments already. Business is generally quiet. One can find it strange that despite the well publicized small slaughter numbers, tanners are not scrambling to buy hides. The low slaughter numbers do not seem to make them nervous and nobody seems seems to consider the chance he might find nothing or at a higher price once he will need material. It is clear that at the prices of today many tanners are prepared and prefer to take that risk (if really it is a risk). And of course, there are hides for sale elsewhere also. Very welcome rains are reported from several parts of the US but they may push cow slaughter numbers down further.


Official Irish slaughter figures for June are 22.2% higher than in June last year and increased from 113.8 to 139.1 million head. For the accumulated period January/June the increase was 14.2%. Similar figures for sheep are up 17% from 212.6 to 250,000 head. But the accumulated January /June change is 0.2% down on last year.


In Nigeria raw skins prices have come down with the quality (seasonal). The reduction is about 20% since mid June and somewhat bigger than in other years. Additional factors for the lower prices and reduced activity are the non-payment of the export grants by the government and Ramadan.