Subscribers to TSR will continue to access the full report via the and for them it will be business as usual. However, the co-operation with ILM opens the door to expanding the reach of TSR through ILM’s industry leading multi-platform media channels.

“We believe that theSauerReport is the best and most informative in the world. It is the only one with global material coverage – not only cattle hides but sheep and goatskins as well.  Ron is truly an industry expert and leader in this field and the co-operation with TSR strengthens ILM’s position as the go-to place for market information. ” explains Maria Wallace, Commercial Director, ILM.

Ron Sauer says: “The co-operation means TSR will have access to more information resources. No longer a one man operation it will also be less vulnerable to interruptions due to technical or personal reasons. ILM will add its sales and technical team as back-up and TSR will benefit from the additional editorial input from ILM.”

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Established since 1985, theSauerReport is the most extensive online global hide and skin market report with updates almost every day. It covers all countries of importance in leather trade and industry and brings continuous prices, market intelligence and market information.

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International Leather Maker (ILM) is a dynamic digital focused business information service dedicated to the global tanning industry. ILM is the first truly multi-media experience in the leather industry, news and information is accessed via a range of modern delivery channels with a special focus on new media.