Gass will present a case study based on Timberland’s 2030 goals, detailing how the U.S. footwear and lifestyle brand is building a new supply chain, sourcing leather from regenerative agriculture. He will further outline how the brand applies the concept of circularity by using recycled materials as it creates its products, ensuring that these materials are integrated into the design process from the start to maintain their recyclability and reusability and therefore reduce the negative impact and waste associated with product creation, heading towards neutrality or zero impact. Finally, he will explain Timberland’s ethos that merely achieving neutrality is not enough and that the ultimate ambition is to create products that are net positive. Key to this will be the brand’s commitment to sourcing from regenerative agriculture, supporting farms who are using these practices and building environmental benefits along the supply chain.

Mike Gass

About Mike Gass
Mike Gass is Lead Developer, Advanced Materials at Timberland with over 20 years of experience in the footwear industry. Prior to his current materials role, he held various positions spanning Development, Product Management and Sustainability. He began his footwear career working for Timberland and then joined Reef for seven years. From there, he spent a year at Ocean Minded and then returned to Timberland 11 years ago. He has been a member of Timberland’s Green Working Group and Product Sustainability Groups, working closely with the Corporate Social Responsibility team in the formulation of Timberland’s brand goals and their activation through the building of product.

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