The US$1.33 billion investment will enable the manufacturing plant to produce vehicles using Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA). Named the “Most American Made” car by and the number one selling car in America for the past 15 years, the Camry, from the 2018 model year, will become the first Toyota vehicle made in the U.S. to fully incorporate the new vehicle development and production technology.

According to Toyota, the TNGA represents a completely new strategy to the way the company designs, engineers, and manufactures its vehicles. “It retains all of Toyota’s traditional values of exceptional build quality and safety while injecting a fun driving experience with more responsive handling, regardless of the model. It also allows for a more flexible production environment, which will allow Toyota Kentucky to build ever-better cars, and respond quicker and more capably to customer demands down the road”, says a statement. In addition to TNGA improvements, the Kentucky plant will undergo other makeovers that seek to modernise and streamline the production process

Toyota Kentucky is the automaker’s largest plant in the world, employing 8,200 people. This represents an all-time high after recently adding over 700 people to support the upcoming launch of the 2018 Camry. In 2016, it produced nearly a quarter of the total number of Toyota vehicles produced in North America; over 500,000.