In her presentation, ‘Traceability in the leather industry – from cow to product’, Conrad will examine the lack of traceability in the leather supply chain and where the traces of an animal’s hide are getting lost. Giving an overview of Leit & Held’s leather supply chain which is based on local sourcing, gentle slaughter, regenerative agriculture and transparency, working closely with abattoirs that exclusively processes responsibly raised animals from organic farms, Conrad will further explore how this approach can be scaled. Other topics covered in the presentation include the expectations of brands when it comes to leather suppliers, best practice, and effective collaboration with farms and regional abattoirs, as well as circularity and biodegradability.

About Nina Conrad

Nina Conrad studied Political Science and Islamic Studies at the Universities of Zurich and Barcelona. She has been working as a Sustainability Consultant in the textile and leather industry for several years, specialising in traceable supply chains. Her core business is the production of leather and leather goods that originate from animals from certified organic farms. She works closely with farmers and regional slaughterhouses in Germany and Switzerland. Her aim is to make the leather industry more sustainable and transparent, while at the same time raising consumer awareness of the responsible manufacture of leather products.

All her projects are summarised on her platform ‘Traceable leather’. In addition to her consultancy work, she co-founded Leit & Held, an accessory brand, in 2018.

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Sponsored by Oeko-Tex, the webinar is open to any company or professional individual connected to the leather supply chain, from meat processors and raw materials traders to leather manufacturers, tier-1 suppliers and leather using brands, retailers and OEMs.