In the days before easy global communications, the internet, websites, email and of course cheap and easy air travel going to the “Fair” was a big deal, it was exciting, with people rushing around the stands swapping stories and trying to find out what was new. New leathers, new chemicals, new processes, but now we know it all before we go and the excitement seems to have gone.

I wrote in an earlier blog, there is dearth of new chemistry, and the big boys don’t even bother to show any more (too expensive in tough times). I doubt there will be much in the way of new machinery on show as it is too expensive to ship out and set up the equipment (and competition is far too fierce to show too much publicly for the band of machinery copiers!). A quick look on-line at the Fair website indicates that there will be many exhibitors but when delving into the website –following the “on-line showroom” prompt, it was hard to find anything substantial to make a note of investigating during the time at the show. In fact most of the show rooms were empty?

Hong Kong is still one of the biggest and probably the best show around but somehow just lacks the old thrill of the early days. Maybe this writer is getting to old or maybe there is just less to find out in modern times and the key reason for going is networking! At least our Editor thinks so; his key message on the Hong Kong Fair was that Joe Bananas is no more! –a key piece of information for leather people heading to Hong Kong! So networking it is, bags packed and ready to go, see you there (ps does anyone know where the “new” Joe Bananas will be?).

The Toggler