Trumpler has announced a strengthening of its support in India with the appointment of a new resident beamhouse technician in India and additional travelling technical support from Trumpler Germany. The fair will also host the first visit to India for Hein Vugs as the newly appointed Managing Director.

Truposyl LL is a new fully synthetic fatliquor for the production of all soft leather types. Truposyl LL can be used to produce light, fluffy leathers, meets the stringent demands laid down for automotive leathers and can be used on wet-blue and wet-white. Truposyl LL can be used on its own or in combination with other fatliquors where it assists with penetration and uptake.

Trupofix SA2 is an auxiliary agent designed to prevent the formation of chrome (VI). It helps to prevent the oxidation of chrome (III) to chrome (VI) and reduce any existing chrome (VI) content in the wet-blue. Trupofix SA2 can be applied on wet-blue (dye process) and crust / finished leathers. It has no negative influence on the quality of the final leather. Touch, colour and physical properties remain unchanged.

Trupofix FST is a blend of compounds that may be used to reduce or eliminate free formaldehyde in leather. Trupofix FST selectively targets free formaldehyde contained in the leathers and the reaction is irreversible which means that free formaldehyde is no longer available for detection by analysis. Trupofix FST has no negative influence on the quality of the final leather.

Trupotan Bio range:  This highly successful and original product range of natural biopolymers includes Trupotan Bio-08P, a modified low molecular weight biopolymer that can be used for all leather types. In particular Trupotan Bio-08P can be used to improve the dye intensity and levelness of wet-white and wet-blue leathers. This formaldehyde free product yields leather with a good fullness and mellow handle and has no negative effect on water-resistant articles.

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