All areas of leather manufacture are concerned: beamhouse, dyehouse and finishing. The Autumn/Winter 2016-17 fashion trends will also be available. In particular, the following products will be highlighted:

Truposyl LL: is a purely synthetic fatliquor for the production of all soft leather types from wet-blue and wet-white. It meets the most stringent demands laid down for automotive leathers and can also be used to produce light, fluffy leathers.

Truposyl WPS:  is an innovative softening agent for use in the production of waterproof and tight, lightweight leathers. It acts as a synthetic retanning agent and lubricant, and is ideally suited to the production of washable leathers where softness and handle will be retained even after several washing cycles. Truposyl WPS treated leathers show outstanding fullness and tightness with fine smooth grain characteristics and a soft pleasant touch.

Truposol AMF is a fatliquor designed to produce outstanding softness in all types of leather. It meets the stringent demands for automobile upholstery leathers. Leathers fatliquored with Truposol AMF exhibit outstanding inner softness coupled with extremely fine grain characteristics and a pleasant round handle. It will also enhance the colour value of dyed leather.

Featured products for the Chinese market include:

Pastosol ECD: An enzymatic degreasing agent that improves the degreasing effect by combining selected surfactants with proteolytic enzymes.

Trupocal DLN is a highly concentrated low ammonium deliming agent, free of boric acid with good buffering properties and an even deliming action, both on split and unsplit limed pelts.

Truposyl HNB is a lubricating polymer-based fatliquor in combination with synthetic oils for use on all types of leather. It shows excellent exhaustion and is beneficial for washable leathers providing good fullness and inner softness, and a pleasant mellow touch.

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