Held in Chengdu, five universities participated in the event, which was designed to teach and motivate the country’s leather technicians. This is the second time Trumpler has organised the training course; as previously reported by ILM, in March 2016 around 20 leather technology students from three different universities took part in the training course held at Jiaxing University.

This time, the training course brought together 26 students who are specialising in leather technology. In addition to Sichuan University, the students hailed from Jiaxing University, Shaanxi University of Science and Technology, Qilu University of Technology and Qiqihar University. Some students undertook a 60-hour train journey to attend the course.

Held over six days, the course covered various aspects of leather manufacture from raw hides and skins to finished leather. Bovine and ovine raw materials and recipes were provided by Trumpler for processing from the raw, wet-blue and crust state. Around 12 Trumpler technicians and scientists were present throughout the week, including from Germany and Spain, to assist with the recipes, products and explanations.

“Trumpler China is so pleased to host such a distinctive event and to inspire the next generation of leather technologists and scientists. We look forward to welcoming many of the students into the leather community in the future and to more information sharing and support events”, said Trumpler adding that “a number of the Universities have already requested to host the event in 2018 and discussions will commence in due course”.