Trumpler’s decision to join Leather Naturally represents its latest development and commitment to initiatives that support customers by promoting a progressive and sustainable leather industry, which includes The List by Inditex, a programme that assists manufacturers in their supply chain with the correct selection and adequate use of chemical products in the leather manufacture process, and the Leather Working Group (LWG).

Trumpler says it has over 750 products registered on The List by Inditex, with 96% of the products graded as A or B (III Edition, Version 1.0). As an active member of LWG, Trumpler is represented on the Supplier Sub-Group, a platform for suppliers in the leather manufacturing chain, to contribute to the LWG’s objectives and to assist in resolving industry issues. Furthermore, Trumpler also sponsors the Tannery of the Future sustainability tool aimed at tanneries, wholesalers, fashion brands and retailers. The self-assessment tool seeks to introduce tanneries to a range of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) issues and provides additional references to more in-depth information and guidance.

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