They will present innovative process systems and new products for all leather segments including the beamhouse, tan yard, retanning and dyeing, together with fashionable leathers at the fair.

Technical staff from Trumpler in Germany and SABA group will be in attendance to consult and assist with any enquiries. The following products will be highlighted in Chennai at the IILF.

Truposilk MXG: With micro-emulsion softness and round fullness Truposilk MXG offers the tanner the correct balance between quality and economy. Truposilk MXG has been designed specifically for raw materials available in India.

Trupon SKS: A synthetic, lightweight fatliquor that is most suitable for classic shoe and bag leathers but also applicable in many different types of leather manufacture.          

Truposyl TBK-E: An addition to their lubricating polymer range of fatliquors. Truposyl TBK-E has excellent softness coupled with ‘butter-mellow’ roundness and is therefore very suitable for lighter nappa-leathers manufactured from bovine or ovine.

Solvotan TS: It gives the tanner’s leather an extra protection against weaker physical properties via additional neutral oil lubrication. Solvotan TS will supply some security through the physically demanding setting-out, drying, staking and milling operations and is consequently useful for chrome-free leathers.

Trupotan MOW: Is a classic robust, white basification agent with extremely safe operating parameters. Consistent quality wet-blue production is guaranteed.

Truposist G: It produces tighter grained leathers with stand and superb water-resistant values.

Trumpler has issued a new flyer: Competence in beamhouse

The flyer summarises the know-how and the experience of the Trumpler team in processes of the beamhouse. It contains information about the quality aspects of all the process steps in the beamhouse as well as latest developments of ecological aspects. Special features of the flyer are water consumption, sulphide, nitrogen, chrome and salts.

The eight-page flyer is very compact and user friendly. The flyer will be available at the fair or can be ordered at