The following products will be highlighted in Shanghai:

Trupol PES: A highly stabilised, universal, fully synthetic fatliquor based on fatty esters with excellent lightfastness and heat yellowing properties. It significantly improves the stability and dispersion of fatliquor combinations; inner softness and surface handle are enhanced. It can be used in chrome tanning and retanning baths, and provides a dry surface touch with fine, smooth grain. Trupol PES is particularly versatile in the production of softy lightweight leathers through to firm shoe upper leathers.

Resistol AOL: A synthetic, high molecular weight antioxidant auxiliary that offers excellent long-term improvements in light and heat fastness; particularly useful in the manufacture of white and pastel leathers that contain fatliquors which are prone to oxidation.

Truposol GF: A highly sulfited universal fatliquor based on high quality natural fatty substances. Due to its outstanding stability to electrolytes, it can be used in the pickle, chrome and FOC tannages and retannages to promote a uniform inner softness, tight and flat grain characteristics, along with excellent fullness, and pleasant handle.

Trupotan LR: A phenolic replacement syntan with low free-formaldehyde and free-phenol residues that produces fine and tight-grained leather with full and bright dyeings, excellent softness and a full handle. It is also suitable for the retannage of white and pastel leathers.

Trupotan TGN: A neutralising agent that can be used in conventional neutralisation processes as an alkali substitute to provide additional plumping of the leather, or via a novel application process for the upgrading of loose raw material, which produces firm leathers with a tight, smooth grain, and is highly recommended for shoe upper leathers where firmness and tight grain characteristics are required. It has no adverse effect on light and heat fastness values and is highly suitable for hydrophobic leathers.

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