Its products are sold to top Turkish tanneries, to meet the most stringent requirements of the fashion industry. Debag Kimya products such as enzymes, bates and leather auxiliaries are also sold worldwide to tanneries to meet the most stringent requirements of customers in the automotive, upholstery, shoe, bag and garment industries.

Since 2008, India has been the leading export market for Debag Kimya and its products are present in all the major leather making hubs such as Ambur, Chennai, Delhi, Kanpur, Kolkata and Ranipet providing support and service to tanneries.

During IILF 2014 together with its exclusive agent TFB Exim, Munir Ergun Utku, Leather Business Manager, Debag Kimya will be showing the latest beamhouse developments.

Debag Kimya was founded in 1959 by Kasim Hilmi Utku as a privately held chemical corporation. Debag Kimya will be located on the TFB Exim stand in Hall 3, stand 3-06-C.