With the launch of Pellvit LSS & Erhavit LSU, TFL can now offer the tanner an effective low sulphide unhairing technology.

Pellvit LSS is used to prepare the hide in soaking for proper unhairing, with excellent consistency. At the same time it effectively performs the soaking of all kind of hides and skins without having a negative effect on the integrity of bellies and flanks.

These properties provide the perfect preconditions for good hair-root and fine-hair removal with reduced sulphide offer. The product improves the effect of the immunisation and the accessibility of sulphide to the hair root in such a way that a low sulphide hair save unhairing process can be applied without hair-root problems.

The ideal partner for Pellvit LSS is Erhavit LSU an innovative enzymatic liming agent which supports the unhairing effect of sulphide. The product weakens the epidermis and the pre-keratin of the hair-root selectively, and promotes the opening-up of the hide-structure and the breakdown of proteoglycans and glycoproteins as well.

It also supports the removal of fine-hair and hair-roots and is best used in a hair-save formulation.

For further information contact: Jan-Tiest Pelckmans, jan-tiest.pelckmans@tfl.com