Lora Wright will present, “Animal Well-Being in the Beef Industry” during the 45-minute webinar and she will be joined by two other leading industry thought-leaders focusing on themes relating the important topic of traceability and transparency in the leather supply chain.

“Today’s cattlemen are true stewards and caretakers for the livestock that has been entrusted to them and have been for generations. They have a great story to share, and consumers are listening”, says Lora Wright. 

Tyson Foods’ FarmCheck programme includes third-party verification on-farm and checks for criteria such as animal access to food and water, proper human-animal interaction and worker training. It also includes Animal Well-Being staff and research to find better ways to care for farm animals, as well as an external Animal Well-Being Advisory Panel. Additionally, once cattle arrive at a Tyson Foods facility, there are programs in place to ensure proper handling and treatment of the cattle while in our care. Continuous improvement and sharing the good story is something we all can do; something we all need to do to sustain our industry. Lora Wright will elaborate more on these topics during the webinar.

About Lora Wright

As Director of Tyson Foods’ Office of Animal Well-Being team, Lora Wright is responsible for managing Tyson’s animal welfare strategy and programmes, including the FarmCheck on-farm verification programme. She is actively involved with external stakeholder and customer engagement on animal agriculture topics such as antibiotics, animal well-being, GMOs and growth promotants. During her 14-year tenure, Lora has also had the opportunity to work with specifications and labelling, niche programs such as Export Verification, Non-Hormone Treated Cattle and Natural/No Antibiotics Ever programs in both beef and pork, in addition to managing product specification yields verification.

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