They have the annual production capacity to process 20 million ovine skins and now the organisation behind the leather cluster is looking to attract new leather sector related businesses to relocate.

Located in the South Western Turkish Aegean region of Uşak-Denizli approximately 210km from Izmir the industrial development was first established in 1989. The leather cluster includes full energy and wastewater treatment facilities and a gas pipeline was connected in 2006.

Uşak OIZ are now looking to expand the tanning and leather products zone to new businesses by expanding the site to the north of the current location. In total there are 212 companies located in the area with the leather related businesses (140) having an annual turnover of $600 million per annum.

Dr Volkan Candar, President of the recent IULTCS congress in Istanbul last May has been recruited by Uşak Deri as a project co-ordinator since retiring from his previous role at Pulcra earlier this year.

Uşak OIZ will provide new companies with all the infrastructure and ready built units if required. Currently there are several tanneries on the site, which produce mainly ovine leather for export.