Ugg, a division of Deckers Brands, has increased its efforts in assisting customers identifying counterfeit products by providing some guidelines to help ensure authentic purchases, which include prices being too low, spelling errors or suspicious contact information, lower product quality as indicated by the presence of synthetic linings, stiff outsoles or sloppy stitching. The company recommends customers to buy only from trusted sources, and to pay close attention to URLs throughout browsing.

“With nearly 50% of purchases this season being made online, counterfeiters have taken notice and have adjusted their approach in the hopes of misguiding consumers,” said Lisa Bereda, Assistant General Counsel, Deckers Brands. “As a customer-centric brand it is our responsibility to safeguard the loyalty of our community. We are committed to exposing counterfeit tricks, educating our customers and taking swift legal action when and how we can”, she added.

As the counterfeit trade continues to grow, animal rights organisations across the globe have shared videos of racoon dogs and other animals being skinned alive in countries such as China, and whose fur are then passed on as ‘Australian sheepskin’ to produce counterfeit Ugg Boots. Humane Society International (HSI) has estimated that around 10 million dogs are being slaughtered to cater for the illegal market.

However, the manufacturing of the legitimate Ugg Boots has also come under fire after the release of a video showing sheep being abused, kicked, and with wounds from shearing.

Sources: FDRA/The Digital Journal